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Full Relocation Services Solution


Company executives, consulate personnel and more than 100 entrepreneurs, investors,
students and their families have trusted us with their relocation needs.


Sergio Martinez, Global Chief Executive Officer

“The company assigned us a national relocation services agency but they did not offer what we needed, they weren’t close to the local community. Our realtor recommended us  eXpats. They know the local community, the schools, the bureaucracy, etc. anything you need. I absolutely recommend them, they are very professional, and experts and they understand the situation a family is going through when they relocate to the US.

Moving to a new country can be a great experience for the family and a great challenge for the professional carrier. You might think at first that moving to the US can be easy, but it is not. I always recommend a relocation firm in order to make the transition easier and reduce the stress in the family. In my case with  eXpats we found a lot more because the way they take care of us was far beyond a professional service. They treated us like friends, you can count on them for anything you need, they support you like family… so you never feel lonely when you arrive to your new home.”